Mattison English       

Mattison English       

We make learning English fun



We love helping people have an experience of a lifetime!

We know from experience the challenges you and all of your family members face moving to and from Japan. We’re here to help you overcome them by improving your English language skills and your understanding of the new culture you’re suddenly surrounded by.

Students, parents, and business people all come to work on communicating more clearly in English. Because most lessons are one-to-one, everyone gets personalized lessons. We teach both in person at our office in Harrison, NY and all over the world on the internet.


<<During COVID-19>>

We hope everyone is well and staying safe during these hard times.
Mattison English has been conducting our lessons online and in-person.

At this time, our students have fewer chances to be exposed to live English since everything is shut down. We are glad to offer the opportunity for them all to have the chance to speak to a live person albeit online. It is important for them to keep their conversation skills oiled and ready for action so when they do go back to school or back into the public, they won’t be so rusty.

<Successful Online Lesson>
Students that are used to coming to our lessons feel safe and confident being with us. They are more themselves when they can have privacy when they talk to us online. They can completely focus and be more involved in the lesson if they are not distracted by other people in the room. They need to take chances when they speak English and can depend on us to correct them when it is important or ask us questions.

<What can you do?>
As well as talking with us, students and their families could make times when they speak English to each other by playing games, cooking together, looking at art online, or just chatting.
これは通学・オンラインに関わらずいえる事ですが、ご家庭内で「English time」と家族みんなが英語を話す時間を短時間作ってみたりするもの変化があってお勧めです。英会話をしながらボードゲームや料理をしたりするのはいかがでしょう。また英語のオンラインゲームや洋画、洋楽、youtubeなども効率的に用いるのも良いでしょう。

We are all in this together and get through this together!


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