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Creative Photo Contest 2021

Presenting our student family Photo contest for 2021.

Many of our students enjoyed participating in last year’s event. The activity got students and families to look around to see more. It gave them new things to talk about and try while practicing and thinking in English outside of class. You can do it any time of day. Even when just riding in the car.

We’re looking forward to seeing even more people join this year.
We’re looking forward to seeing your creative photos.

We use the photographs to teach a number of lessons, from technology to composition to idiomatic expressions and poetry. It becomes something more than a contest.

Below are the three videos we created from some of the photos that were chosen by the students that took them.


2 Great Games for English Practice at Home!

“How can I support my child at home?
Play a game together! Try it today!

These days, many English learners have fewer opportunities to speak English outside of lessons. Providing opportunities to be exposed to English is essential for developing language skills. In place of social activities these days, TV, radio, YouTube, blogs, and the news are all great resources.

We use games to motivate learners. We adapt well known games for our lessons as well as make some of our own. We play these games both online and in person. Here are a couple for your family or your own students to enjoy playing. .

1. UNO
Almost anyone can play this game. All you have to do is have a list of challenges that corresponds with the card numbers. You can find words/phrases from books that your child is reading or from a movie they’ve watched. We often make funny sayings together in the lesson.

Here are 2 lists to get you started:

2. Connect 4:
With this one, you can practice a lot more target vocab. We like to mix in new words or idioms that challenge the student and some that spark funny conversation. You can adapt it to any level or age.

How to Play
1.Build up from the bottom by placing a tile or checker in the box.
2.Use the word from the box in a sentence if possible.
3. The first player to get 4 in a row (diagonally, vertically, horizontally) wins.

A video made with one of our students showing how we use “Connect Four” in class.

Here are some examples with a blank one for you to print out to fill in on your own.

If you would like to play the original but don’t have it here’s a link to Connect 4.

The above affiliate links are here for your convenience to quickly find the products if you don’t already have them in your home or office. We do receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase through the links.



2021 NY FarmStay☆ファームステイ

Dear everyone,

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. We have received questions from parents about if we are going to have Mattison Farm Stay this summer. We know this pandemic has been stressful to many and recognize that socializing and interacting with peers can be a healthy way for children to cope with stress and connect with others.

We are excited to resume Farm Stay while following CDC and NYS Health Department considerations to protect campers and Mattison staff on the farms. However, for this year, we can only accept campers residing in New York. It was a tough decision, but the health and safety of our campers and staff remain our highest priority. Thank you for your understanding.

Please check our website link for details:
Farm stay —

We will be sharing a more detailed outline of the latest recommendations and requirements as we finalize those plans.  
Thank you and stay healthy,


長らく検討してきましたが、参加者、プログラムスタッフの健康と安全を最優先し、慎重にCDCとNY Health Departmentのガイドラインに従い、今年2021はNY州在住の方を対象にファームステイを開催することに致しました。

開催に辺り、COVID19 Protocolの詳細を近日中に取り決め再度お知らせさせていただきます。




~Not a moment of life is wasted on a farm~

Mattison Farm Stay 2019 has started.
A little update between our sessions while we are back to Harrison, NY for a few days.

Our first group was from all different ages and backgrounds. It’s great to see them work hard together and get along so well.
Our focus on this program is to let them experience wonderful North-eastern American farms while we teach practical English,agriculture economy, environmental issues and American culture.

As each day went by, we saw changes in them.

They were able to see what was happening to take responsibilities independently, but still work together.
There are so many things we would like to tell you.
Since we’ll start another session on 7/31, we are focusing on preparation now.

We’ll be on the farm without internet for a while again, so we apologize if we can’t get in touch with you quickly.
The whole new 2019 farm stay experience will be updated in August!
Have a great summer everyone!






明日は朝10時には牧場を出発し、Harrison, NYへ帰る日なので実質今日が最終日。

“I thought it was stinky at first, but it smells good now!”
”You guys, come back anytime!”

Thank you, Mark!

約数時間のクッキングを終え、最終日の夕食はTailwater  にて習ったレストランオーダーを各自で実践。
テーブルマナーも日本とは少々違います。English lessonで触れたマナーについても各自良く守って食事ができました。

夜は最後のBon Fire。火をおこす事も自分達でやれるようになりました。Chrisの母Nanaや妹Pattyも子供達に会いに来て一緒に最後の夜をゆったりと過ごしました。




”I can stay longer”
”I want to come back!!”
”This Farm stay woke up my wild side.”


See you all next summer!



Online Lesson # スカイプレッスン

日本でお住まいの皆さん対象のスカイプレッスン スカイプレッスンはスカイプを使ったオンライン英会話レッスンです。下は小学1年生から上は大人の方まで幅広くレッスンを行っています。レッスン時間は30分と1時間があり、受講生の集中力などを考慮してレッスン時間を決めていただいています。 レッスンスタートへのステップ ステップ1 <スカイプの登録> スカイプの無料登録をご自身の使用するパソコンで登録して もらい、登録時のIDネーム(登録時に使うお名前)を私達にお知らせください。 メールアドレス: ステップ2 <体験レッスン>ご都合のよい日程で30分程度の体験レッスンを行います。 この時に通信状況や相性、英語スキルなどを試します。体験レッスンは無料です。 ステップ3 <レッスン回数の購入とお支払い> 1レッスンは30分レッスンです。回数券の様なシステムで 始めにまとまったレッスン回数を購入していただきます。 中学生~社会人の方々は毎回のレッスンで2レッスンを使い、1時間レッスンにされてるかたが多いです。 レッスン回数 1レッスン$13 10レッスン$120 20レッスン$230 ドル建ての請求額は自動で日本円に切り替わります。日本との為替のレートも考慮してるので、レッスン料はタイミングを見て調整してます。 ☆30分レッスンはレッスン1回分を使用します。 ☆60分レッスンはレッスン2回分を使用 します。 …


この人、うちの次男ノア。アメリカ生活丸2年経過。今年9月NYの公立高校でESL学生に終止符をうち、100%現地生としてカリキュラムをスタート。 ESL生扱いを抜け出たくてもがいて大変だったESL時代。 でもいざESLから放たれるとそれはそれなりに不安。 さぁ、新しい幕開け。大いにはしゃいでくれ。 なんでもこい!一緒にやってやるわい!

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