Holiday Season Activity!



Last week, our students asked, ” When do we make ornaments this year?”

Today, we have officially started making ornaments in our classes.

We write our names and the date on the back of each ornament to help remind us later of the struggles and accomplishments we had throughout the year.

Holidays like these are times to remember and make even more special memories. We hope to share our family traditions with all of our students as well.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!



Farmstay2018-successfully finished!


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Wow! We are so excited that two groups attended our Farm Stay this year. We’re so happy to offer these experiences that so many people have never experienced! We feel it is so important to experience these things first hand and not from a textbook.

Our focus in this program was for students to use English in everyday situations on and off the farm on the following 3 topics:

1. Environment+Social+Economic⇒ Sustainable development
2. Strong English conversation skills
3.  American culture and manners

These experiences added depth to our students’ characters and wisdom about the world around them. It wasn’t always pleasant for all who joined because they were immersed in the local culture. It was a totally new way of life for them. Because of that, each individual stayed focused on English to learn to understand and respect others and their culture.
<English Lessons>
☆How to prepare fishing pole-Total Physical Response/casting practice
☆Ecological footprint-Ecological footprint calculator/presentation
☆Table manners-proper way to eat and communicate at the table/presentation
☆Nature/Agriculture relations to modern life-what to be careful of in the wild/respect and observe nature
☆Creative writing-review the week and write an essay

<Program activities>
☆Taking care of pigs in the barn every morning-feeding/cleaning/bedding
☆Fishing at the beaver pond-Rowing the rowboats/observing beavers
☆Setting and checking infrared camera in the woods
☆Visit Amish family next door
☆Meeting Mattison family, relatives and friends
☆Horseback riding/carriage riding
☆Fossil hunting
☆Egg hunting
☆Night Hiking/Stargazing
☆Build Bonfire/Marshmallow roasting/drumming
☆Tie-dye T-shirt making
☆Cooking meals together
☆Swimming&kayaking at the lake
☆Ordering at the shops and ice cream shops
☆Collins Farm Tour-over 2000 cows
☆Locust Hill Dairy Farm Tour-over 4000 cows

One week was a short time, yet all of our students accepted the challenge to different degrees and that was one of the fun parts of such a program. Please look through the photos and ask us lots of questions.
We truly loved our farmstay2018. Thank you to our Mattison family and friends who were part of us and to support our program!


Great start! Farm Stay- session 1

Just a peak of our Summer Program….

Farm Stay2018 started on 7/21. For this session, the biggest thing we worried about was “rain”….
Good thing we were very flexible with our activities and kids were so up to everything we scheduled.  We ended up doing pretty much everything we planned to do!

We love the feeling that everyone starts to open up and be themselves to soak up the new experiences. By the end of the program, we were just like one big family. Even the Amish were surprised to see such a big family!

A student from Japan promised to come back as she headed back to Japan with a lot of great memories today.

We are looking forward to starting the next session on 8/1! We’ll organize and update all of the pictures and details after both sessions are finished! So please stay tuned!!




そしてプログラムが終わった今日、今回日本から参加していた生徒さんは「高校卒業したらきっと来るから!」と約束し泣きながら飛行機に乗り込みました。Mei, you are always welcome to come back.


Farm Stay 2018 Orientation⋆オリエンテーション


Sunday on 6/19,  we had Orientation for FARM STAY2018. This year, we have two groups. All of them got together even in Japan via SKYPE!

Participants grades 2 to 10 started off with cooking pizza together and everyone got to know each other by asking questions and filling in the chart. We are so happy to see everyone was very open to making new friends. Our two sons(21&18yrs) are going to be their leaders during the farm stay and they thought these groups are going to be so much fun. It’s going to be another exciting summer for sure.

☆1st session will start on 7/22-7/28
☆2nd session will start on 8/1-8/7

Chris and Mio will go up to the Mattland farm in a couple of weeks to get things ready and order meats from the farm.
Busy, busy, busy…!!

先週日曜、NYの新居へFARM STAY2018の参加者を招きオリエンテーションを行いました。日本からの参加者もスカイプで参加してくれました!

今年のFARM STAYはうちの息子2人もリーダーとし参加してくれる予定で、楽しい夏になりそうだと言っていました。




12yr Reunion -12年ぶりの再会

A student we haven’t seen for 12 years came to visit us for a few days this spring. We were really happy to welcome her. She was one of the students that attended our 1st FARM STAY in 2006.
She is going to research agriculture at the University of Hawaii this fall.
We are very proud of her that she is following her dream and improving English communication skills. This is a purely happy moment for us as English professionals. We would love to hear from our students and for them to come to visit us.
Seeing her was very motivating for us to concentrate on this year’s FARM STAY2018.
We hope to see her again.

Holiday season 2017

Hope everyone is enjoying getting ready to celebrate this holiday season.
Last week and this week, Mattison English is making salt dough ornaments with our students as a holiday activity.

While we’re making ornaments, we talk to students about the good things and bad things that happened this year, places they went, new things they tried, friendships and families etc… really festive!
But even during fun activities, we still challenge our students to talk all in English. Being able to tell their feelings in English isn’t an easy task to most of our students. It takes a total balance of a creative thinking, grammar skills, and enough vocabulary.

But what we really focus on the most is “the relationship” between each of our individual students and us.
That is the feeling which makes them want to talk to us.
Nobody wants to talk or share their feelings with someone they don’t like.

Luckily, our students had so much to talk about and the time just flew right by. We love our students and we want to continue keeping these great relationships with them.

Mattison English will be closed from 12/24~1/2 for holiday season.

Collage Sentences from Magazines

What a bunch of laughs!
We cut out words from magazines, and this is what we came up with?
The more outrageous the better.
It’s so cool to see personality and imagination!

One of my favorites by a 2nd grader was, “Pay $400 for my gold mashed potatoes.”
Try it!  20708358_1669077189777176_32773251112471802_n






明日は朝10時には牧場を出発し、Harrison, NYへ帰る日なので実質今日が最終日。

“I thought it was stinky at first, but it smells good now!”
”You guys, come back anytime!”

Thank you, Mark!

約数時間のクッキングを終え、最終日の夕食はTailwater http://tailwaterlodge.com/  にて習ったレストランオーダーを各自で実践。
テーブルマナーも日本とは少々違います。English lessonで触れたマナーについても各自良く守って食事ができました。

夜は最後のBon Fire。火をおこす事も自分達でやれるようになりました。Chrisの母Nanaや妹Pattyも子供達に会いに来て一緒に最後の夜をゆったりと過ごしました。




”I can stay longer”
”I want to come back!!”
”This Farm stay woke up my wild side.”


See you all next summer!



Online English lesson

この夏、多くのNY駐在員が日本へ帰国しました。同時にNY 現地生徒さんだった皆さんが日本からのオンラインレッスンに切り替わることになりマティソンイングリッシュは月〜土まで朝6時よりレッスンを開始しています。 そんな私達ですが来週7/16〜7/22間はマティソンイングリッシュが主催する  [マティソンファームステイ]の開催の為、休講になります。 アメリカ,ニューヨークの大草原で繰り広げられるこの牧場体験は今後このブログでも更新していきたいと思います。どうぞ宜しくお願いします! Getting together with students half way around the world is great. We love that we do this everyday. We will …

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