Exam Season


January… is a tough month right after holidays for students who are about to take exams regardless of whether they are in the US or Japan.

Entrance Exams from private middle schools to universities, Eiken tests or NY local school’s Midterm exam&SAT test…
We hear their scream, fear and some confidence. We take it seriously and get anxious as well.
But we believe their efforts that they put into for a long time for their tests will pay off. Hope to see their big smiles with great results.
We will continue to work with them and support anyway we can.
You…WE are almost there!!

Using Your Imagination☆想像力

This is a post by one of our young students. I think he is so creative!
“I made this collage to show my idea about Eye-Catching.”
“I sometimes go fishing with my dad. That’s how I got the idea.”
Our kids are so cool!

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