Mini Felt Christmas Trees

Our Christmas activity this year is making “Mini Felt Christmas Trees”.
Although some kids could not join this fun & creative activity, we are sharing precious moments talking about various topics in a welcoming and at-home atmosphere.

From kindergarteners all the way up to college students, trying to keep conversations while they keep moving hands and thinking about which sequins to use next is a challenge.
This kind of activity simulates our everyday real life environments such as keeping conversation with someone while you are eating, walking to the cafeteria and working on a project. We want to provide fun activities as we keep focused building each student’s English communication skills no matter their age. We can find their interests because we truly care and focus on them.

We are happy to finally have an activity like this again since COVID19 started. While the COVID19 positive cases are surging here in Westchester, NY, we want to continue to follow the guidelines and keep all safe and healthy.


Holiday Season Activity!



Last week, our students asked, ” When do we make ornaments this year?”

Today, we have officially started making ornaments in our classes.

We write our names and the date on the back of each ornament to help remind us later of the struggles and accomplishments we had throughout the year.

Holidays like these are times to remember and make even more special memories. We hope to share our family traditions with all of our students as well.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Holiday season 2017

Hope everyone is enjoying getting ready to celebrate this holiday season.
Last week and this week, Mattison English is making salt dough ornaments with our students as a holiday activity.

While we’re making ornaments, we talk to students about the good things and bad things that happened this year, places they went, new things they tried, friendships and families etc… really festive!
But even during fun activities, we still challenge our students to talk all in English. Being able to tell their feelings in English isn’t an easy task to most of our students. It takes a total balance of a creative thinking, grammar skills, and enough vocabulary.

But what we really focus on the most is “the relationship” between each of our individual students and us.
That is the feeling which makes them want to talk to us.
Nobody wants to talk or share their feelings with someone they don’t like.

Luckily, our students had so much to talk about and the time just flew right by. We love our students and we want to continue keeping these great relationships with them.

Mattison English will be closed from 12/24~1/2 for holiday season.

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