Exam Season


January… is a tough month right after holidays for students who are about to take exams regardless of whether they are in the US or Japan.

Entrance Exams from private middle schools to universities, Eiken tests or NY local school’s Midterm exam&SAT test…
We hear their scream, fear and some confidence. We take it seriously and get anxious as well.
But we believe their efforts that they put into for a long time for their tests will pay off. Hope to see their big smiles with great results.
We will continue to work with them and support anyway we can.
You…WE are almost there!!

New Year2019


Dear friends, 
☆Happy New Year2019☆

We want to wish everyone a blessed and peaceful New Year.We entered 2019 with a stronger commitment to teaching English and our summer farmstay program.

We feel that people are more and more serious about learning English every year and that communicating with others is the key to peace and understanding in the world.

We want to continue to be involved in the process of those who put their strong efforts into becoming great communicators. 

We thank everyone for their support of Mattison English for 19 years and look forward to seeing everyone in this new year.

Chris and Mio 
Mattison English

Special Visitors from JAPAN!☆日本からのスペシャルゲスト☆



This spring,  we had special guests from Japan! Currently, they are our online students taking lessons every week from Japan. They flew from Japan using their spring recess.
It was so nice to see them in person!
Mattison English is so proud that many students stay connected with us and visit us from halfway around the world.
We believe the strong teacher and learner connection is one of the really important keys to improve toward anything they want to achieve on any level.


Online English lesson


この夏、多くのNY駐在員が日本へ帰国しました。同時にNY 現地生徒さんだった皆さんが日本からのオンラインレッスンに切り替わることになりマティソンイングリッシュは月〜土まで朝6時よりレッスンを開始しています。

そんな私達ですが来週7/16〜7/22間はマティソンイングリッシュが主催する  [マティソンファームステイ]の開催の為、休講になります。


Getting together with students half way around the world is great. We love that we do this everyday.

We will miss everyone who is taking lessons from us for  a next couple weeks to restart Farm Stay program.

Please keep an eye out for our blog post about how it’s going.


Mattison Farm Stay 2017




Preparations are ongoing at Mattison Farms.
We visited Mattison Farms this weekend to finalize our program.

Everything is  in place.
We’re all excited about this program.
We can’t wait to have our students there!

Let summer begin!!

Online student visited NY. オンラインレッスン生のNY訪問

Yesterday, we had an exciting meeting with one of our online students who came to visit our office in Harrison, NY. She came all the way from Colombia, South America.

We see her every week via Skype, but this was actually our first time to shake hands and meet.

Neither of us felt nervous, we just probably thought as we shook hands….,

Chris: (She is so short….her hand is like a squirrel)
The Student: (OMG, he’s so tall!! I can see hairs in his nostrils)

We have never seen each other standing up…always sitting in front of the monitor.

we appreciate the opportunity to meet our international student. We were so pleased to hear she wanted to visit us.
To all my skype lesson students, please feel free to come to visit us anytime!
You are all welcome!

昨日、嬉しい出会いがありました。南米コロンビアからオンラインレッスンを受講してくれている生徒さんが、Harrison, NYの教室にやって来て、教室で生のレッスン(笑)を受けていってくれました。PC上では毎週会ってる生徒さんですが、実際に会うのは初めてだったのです。