🐥Easter Week 2019


Happy Easter to everyone!

We are enjoying our annual Easter egg coloring throughout the week. We love to pull out each student’s interest to make it into a deep conversation while we color eggs. Seems like they are more comfortable talking about their lives when we are just chatting like this.



<Who still studies English only at the desk?🤷 >

Every activity lends itself to English learning😊. We really enjoy seeing how our students grow from hands on learning.

We spent our Saturday and Sunday building and preparing our vegetable beds. We’re excited to use these to add another dimension to our lessons.

Using Your Imagination☆想像力

This is a post by one of our young students. I think he is so creative!
“I made this collage to show my idea about Eye-Catching.”
“I sometimes go fishing with my dad. That’s how I got the idea.”
Our kids are so cool!

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