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アメリカでは小学生低学年からFirst, Next, Then, Last といったように英文の書き方を習い始め、中学生辺りから本格的にEssayの書き方を指導されます。

Which season do you like best?

  1. I like summer best. – 結論 <introduction>
  2. I can swim at a beach. – 理由1 <topic sentence>
  3. Day light is longer. – 理由2 <topic sentence>
  4. I don’t have to wear a heavy coat. – 理由3 <topic sentence>
  5. Summer is my favorite season. – 結論 <conclusion>

これはThe 5-sentence Personal Essayというとてもシンプルで分かりやすいエッセイの書き方指導です。
あのJohn F. Kennedy もこの用法を使いハーバード大学へ入ったとあります。
下がそのオリジナルー Via JFK Library and Museum

John Kennedy JFK Harvard University Application Essay

ℚuestion “Why do you wish to come to Harvard?” Here’s what a young JFK had to say:

The reasons that I have for wishing to go to Harvard are several. I feel that Harvard can give me a better background and a better liberal education than any other university. I have always wanted to go there, as I have felt that it is not just another college, but is a university with something definite to offer. Then too, I would like to go to the same college as my father. To be a “Harvard man” is an enviable distinction, and one that I sincerely hope I shall attain.

April 23, 1935 John F. Kennedy


★I believe–/ In my opinion, / I agree with–/ From my point of view, / I support the idea that –/
★ Firstly, / To start with, / One reason that / First of all, / The first reason is that /
★ Secondly, / In addition, / Next, / Moreover, / Furthermore, /
★ Lastly, / At last, / Additionally, / In comparison, / On the other hand, /
★ In conclusion, / To conclude, / For the reasons above, / In summary, / To sum up, / As I have stated above, /


  1. Introduction
    – Hook 興味を引くセンテンス
    -Thesis Statement エッセイの主題
    – Briefly introduce 3 topic sentences 簡単な3つの論点の投入
  2. Topic Sentence(1st piece of support the thesis) 主題をサポートする論点
    – Elaborate the topic sentence 論点の詳細
    – Provide an example/ evidence/ quotation 例、証明、引用
    – Explain the importance of the example/ evidence/ quotation 上の詳細
  3. Topic Sentence(2st piece of support the thesis)
    – Elaborate the topic sentence
    – Provide an example/ evidence/ quotation
    – Explain the importance of the example/ evidence/ quotation
  4. Topic Sentence(3st piece of support the thesis)
    – Elaborate the topic sentence
    – Provide an example/ evidence/ quotation
    – Explain the importance of the example/ evidence/ quotation
  5. Conclusion
    – Rephrase your thesis フレーズに変化させ主題を再主張
    – Summarize your 3 topic sentences 3つの論点のまとめ

1. 論点を挙げる順序
<詳細>だから<論点> です。
<論点> です。 なぜなら<詳細> です。

2. フレーズや単語のワンパターン化をさける

3. エッセイのタイプにより1人称を使わない
「Argumentative/Opinion essay」は、自分の意見を述べるものなので、「I think」や「I believe」のような言い回しが使われることがあります。 しかし、客観的に述べるEssayでは一人称を使用しません。 あくまでも事実をもとにした客観的な書き方を心がけます。


♥Farm Stay ♥Group1~Day5


牧場のお手伝い後の朝のEnglish lessonはEconomicな内容も含みます。大規模な企業型牧場と小規模な自営酪農家がどうやって生き残って経営を継続しているのか…

★大規模な企業牧場North Ridge Dairy(Alford Farm)でのツアー、子牛へのミルクやり。
★Ice cream shopでのオーダー

🚜Farm Stay🚜Group1~Day3





◽American Culture and Manner

◽Farm terminolog










Farm Stay Group1 ~Day1


2019 Mattison Farm Stay has successfully finished.
Now, we would like to share some pics from the group1.

~The most difficult thing to us was to let them figure out things by themselves without us guiding through everything~

Because we believe failing or making mistakes is an okay thing, so then, how you fix it or come up with a solution is the learning.



~Not a moment of life is wasted on a farm~

Mattison Farm Stay 2019 has started.
A little update between our sessions while we are back to Harrison, NY for a few days.

Our first group was from all different ages and backgrounds. It’s great to see them work hard together and get along so well.
Our focus on this program is to let them experience wonderful North-eastern American farms while we teach practical English,agriculture economy, environmental issues and American culture.

As each day went by, we saw changes in them.

They were able to see what was happening to take responsibilities independently, but still work together.
There are so many things we would like to tell you.
Since we’ll start another session on 7/31, we are focusing on preparation now.

We’ll be on the farm without internet for a while again, so we apologize if we can’t get in touch with you quickly.
The whole new 2019 farm stay experience will be updated in August!
Have a great summer everyone!

Water Rocket Science


今回はBaking SodaとVinegarを使ったロケットサイエンスに挑戦です。

TPR(Total Physical response) ;英語を耳で聞き、手を動かし作業を進める。わからない時は質問。羽の付ける位置やデザインなど皆説明を聞き逃さないように真剣に取り組んでいました。

このロケットはBaking SodaとVinegarが反応しCO2が発生しその気体の圧力で勢いよくロケットが発射します。講師の説明をしっかり聞き、危険のないように注意を払いいざ発射!


Look at their smiles!
It’s hard not to be excited about launching rockets into the air.
This activity was a success. Everyone built their own rocket from scratch and each of them left the launch pad and flew high up into the air! Each of the participants were so into building their rocket they lost track of time.

We studied about the 2 processes used in launching the rockets. The chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar took a bit longer than using the air pump but it was great to hear the screams of surprise when the rocket blasted off.

These TPR activities are perfect for getting everyone involved, speaking and learning new vocabulary and natural expressions!


Farm Stay ⭐Orientation⭐

Such a beautiful day for our Farm Stay Orientation 2019.

Everyone attending from NY got to know each other and probably felt our passion. Looks like we have two GREAT groups for both sessions this year.

Farm Stay is 4 weeks away. We can’t wait to meet two more participants from Japan!

We are excited to give them all new experiences.