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Using AI in Lessons for English As a New Language/ ENL学習者のための英語レッスンでAIを活用する

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AI is changing the world faster than ever right now in Education and all other aspects of life. Do you use AI? Would you like to take advantage of the benefits of AI in language learning or teaching?

We find that it can be a great tool for language acquisition and output. In this and in following posts, I want to describe how we’ve been using it in our classes, show you some of the creative work, how we personalize learning, and how you can use it too.

Bing Image Creator is one of many new AI apps. It lets us type in an idea for an image and create it with the push of a button. Students can submit and edit prompts to change how it looks or to add or take away details. This helps with having a visual representation of the language they use. Also, it leads to discussion about what is the most effective way to get the image they imagine. We save the best image when we are satisfied.

We then upload the image to Canva, a design website, to create a design with text (Canva also has its own image generator). This is also where students can have creative output and talk about design elements such as fonts and the wording itself. When students can’t think of something they want to say, we research idioms and sayings that will best fit the image using another AI program, Chat GPT (which has many other uses we’ll talk about in other posts.

We put it on a T-shirt or other product in Printify where it is available for anyone to order. Students want to give these shirts to friends and family as gifts or wear them themselves. Doing so boosts their confidence level and gives them something to talk about with others when someone says, “Cool T-shirt! Where did you get it?”

Please visit the Mattison English online shop to see everyone’s work and support our endeavor of engaging our students in real-world activities. We’ve seen firsthand how these activities connect with their learning and even opinion output which is so important for interviews, essays, and proficiency tests.




Bing Image Creatorは多くの新しいAIアプリの1つです。イメージのアイデアを入力し、ボタンを押すだけで自動的に作成できます。学生は外観を変更したり、詳細を追加したり削除したりするためのプロンプトを入力できます。これにより、使用する言語の視覚的な表現が可能になります。また、学生が想像するイメージを最も効果的に得る方法についての議論につながります。私たちは満足したときに最良のイメージを保存します。

その後、イメージをデザインウェブサイトであるCanvaにアップロードし、テキストを含むデザインを作成します(Canvaには独自のイメージ生成ツールもあります)。これも学生が創造的な表現をし、フォントやワーディングなどのデザイン要素について話す場所です。学生が言いたいことを思いつかない場合、別のAIプログラムであるChat GPT(他の用途についても今後の投稿で話します)を使用して、イメージに最適な慣用句や言い回しを研究します。


Mattison Englishのオンラインショップを訪れて、皆さんの作品を是非ともご覧ください!私たちの生徒を実世界の活動に参加させる取り組みをサポートになります。英語を教えてきた長年の経験で学習や面接、エッセイ、そして試験などに非常に重要な(意見のアウトプット)にこれらの活動が関連していることを実際に感じています。



日本で英語を13年間教えた後10年前NYへ戻り英語を教えていますが、ここ数年日本と欧米における英作文; essayについてずっと感じていた違いをすこし書いてみようと思います。少しでも英作文に取り組む人の参考になれば…。









After teaching English in Japan for 13 years, I returned to New York 10 years ago and have been teaching English here. Recently, I have noticed some differences in English composition (essays) between Japan and the United States, and I would like to share my observations. Hopefully, this can be helpful for those working on English composition.

In English language education in the United States, it is considered important to have clear introductions, developments, and conclusions in order to foster logical thinking. On the other hand, in Japanese schools, composition emphasizes subjectivity and the expression of the writer’s emotions. Consequently, intentionally ambiguous sentences or comments are sometimes used to avoid making strong conclusions and inviting criticism.

For instance, when reading or hearing English expressions or news, it is common to predict the conclusion and follow along. However, when reading or hearing Japanese articles or news, they often end with sentences that do not reach a definitive conclusion, like “It is a difficult problem. Further consideration is needed in the future.” This can be somewhat disappointing. I have observed this thinking pattern not only in news and television comments, but also among adults, older people, and young students that I teach.

Having grown up in Japan’s education system, which is passive in terms of class participation, I struggled for a long time when I studied abroad in the United States. I had difficulty presenting my arguments and didn’t even understand the importance of presenting arguments.

Through my work in jobs that involved Japan and the United States, I have come to realize that developing arguments, presenting them, and acquiring persuasive skills are not only important for mastering academic English composition, but also essential for confidently thriving in international settings.

However, in many of Japan’s elementary, middle, and high schools, the focus is still mainly on improving language skills, and students are not provided with sufficient opportunities to learn about the world and engage in discussions freely.

As teachers, it can be easy to stick to teaching units that align with problem sets and manuals. However, it is important to also pay attention to global developments, select important topics, summarize public opinion, and plan lessons that encourage students to express their opinions based on their level of understanding. This requires time for preparation and a willingness to continue learning. Additionally, the teachers’ own international experiences play a significant role.

The beauty of Japanese writing and the charm of essays are wonderful cultural aspects that I personally enjoy reading.

However, with the increasing emphasis on students expressing their opinions in various certification exams and entrance exams, it is more important than ever to cultivate Japanese individuals who can engage in equal-footed discussions with people from different countries and evolving values. As instructors, we are always mindful of the need to focus on lessons that promote logical thinking and actively engage with our students. 


Farm Stay’23



ピンチに遭遇した時、私達はできるだけ黙って参加者があれこれ考えアイディア出す様子を見守ります。いろんなアイデアでアウトプットを生み出せる性質を持つクリエイティブな発想力は悩んだり考え抜いてこそ生まれるものだと思うからです。周りの人とのコミュニケーションが大切な事も多々あります。何度も失敗しながら、でも徐々にできる様になっていき、Learning by experiencingって大切ですね。子供たちが考え、想像力を膨らましていくその工程を見守るのが好きです。



Summer Reading Recommendations


Summer is here and so many of our students are having a great time spending it with family and friends.

One of the troubles they sometimes have is keeping up with their English skills. Our most successful students usually find books they enjoy reading. Because they enjoy the book they learn and develop vocabulary and grammar, not to mention communication skills. When they finish one book they are hungry for more, so it’s a great idea to have a few books for them.


We’d like to share some book titles and links for your family to enjoy.

Grades 1-3

Here’s a list of best-selling fun books appropriate for language development for elementary students in grades 1 to 3. These books are not only enjoyable but also promote language skills and imagination:

  1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series by Jeff Kinney , book 1
  2. Dog Man” series by Dav Pilkey, Books 1-6
  3. Magic Tree House” series by Mary Pope Osborne, 28 book Set
  4. Captain Underpants” series by Dav Pilkey, book 1-3
  5. Junie B. Jones” series 1-4 by Barbara Park
  6. Mercy Watson” books 1-6 series by Kate DiCamillo
  7. The Bad Guys” book 1series by Aaron Blabey, Books 1-5
  8. The Dork Diaries” books 1-3 by Rachel Renée Russell
  9. My Weird School” 1-4 series by Dan Gutman
  10. Amelia Bedelia” series by Herman Parish, book 1
  11. Big Nate” book 1 by Lincoln Peirce, 3 book set

These books offer humor, engaging plots, and relatable characters, making them perfect for encouraging young readers to develop their language skills while having fun. Remember to select books that match the individual reading levels and interests of the students to make the reading experience more enjoyable and beneficial.

Grades 4-8 and up

Here’s a list of best-selling fun books appropriate for language development for elementary students in grades 4 to 8. These books are enjoyable, age-appropriate, and help foster language skills:

  1. Harry Potter” book 1 illustrated series by J.K. Rowling
  2. Percy Jackson & the Olympians” 5 book set by Rick Riordan
  3. The Hunger Games” 3 book series by Suzanne Collins
  4. The Giver” by Lois Lowry
  5. A Series of Unfortunate Events” series by Lemony Snicket
  6. Holes” by Louis Sachar
  7. The Lightning Thief” by Rick Riordan
  8. The Maze Runner” series by James Dashner
  9. The Chronicles of Narnia” series by C.S. Lewis
  10. Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White
  11. The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien
  12. Flora & Ulysses” by Kate DiCamillo
  13. I Survived” by Lauren Tarshis

We hope you like the lists. All of the books are read by many of our students and by native English-speaking kids as well. Reading the same books can give them more opportunities to speak with other students around them, too.
By purchasing using the links above, you will support us in providing more recommendations in the future.

One more highly recommended book is the “I Survived” series.



現地校では3rd Quarter が終わり、いよいよ最終のFinal Quarter に突入し6月の学年末に向けて最終スパートとなる時期。一方日本では旅立ちの季節である3月。


今回のブログでは旅立つ学生さんが海外での挑戦を振り返り語ってくれた言葉を少しご紹介します。これからNY生活に挑戦しようと思っている学生さんが少しでも現地の様子を理解し勇気 を出してくれるといいな、と思います。

Do you remember the first day of your new school? How did you feel?

Student A: When I started school in NY, I was very nervous. I was a 1st grader and I cried. But, Japanese friends in the class helped me a lot when I didn’t understand. On the 2nd day, I didn’t want to go to school and missed my mom. But I went to school every day because I knew I had to go to school.  My mom said I had to go to school. And she bought me my favorite juice and it made me happy. 

Student B: I went to Milton school for the first time. I was more excited, not nervous. The table setting was so different compared from Japanese school. I started in 2nd grade. I didn’t talk so much, but there was a boy that I could trust. So, I just kept following him everywhere and watched what he did.

Student C: My first day was online lesson because of COVID-19. Starting a new school and experiencing online lessons were both my first experience, so I was so nervous. But when I actually started going to school, I really enjoyed going to school. Everything was different from Japanese school. School had extra English curriculums and I enjoyed the atmosphere, which I felt like everyone was my family. 

What was your greatest achievement in America?

Student D: Moving to the USA changed me. In Japan, I didn’t know how big the world was. After I came to NY, for example, every house in Harrison was so big and everyone had a big yard. The parks were big as well. It was very comfortable for me to live in NY. In Manhattan, there were many kinds of people from all over the world. They get together and live in one place. And I felt we all need to get along with each other.
Understanding the importance of the world was my biggest achievement.

Student E: I didn’t play baseball in Japan, so I played baseball in NY for the first time. What I learned was everything in English. Learning a new sport in a different language was awesome.
Also, I was outside almost every single day with my brother doing sports such as baseball and basketball. That was better than studying and half of my friends I have now are friends from playing sports.

Student F: I could go to school every day and make many friends, and I could pass Eiken 2. They are all my big achievements! Now, I am going back to Japan. And I’m not so nervous about going back to Japanese school because I started Japanese weekend school in America after 2nd grade. I love American school! American school has more fun events like Halloween and Valentine’s Day. I will miss American school.  

What is your advice to people who come from Japan or other countries?

Student G: If you can, you can study English before they come to America. If you can speak a little bit of English in school, it will be more fun to go to school. It’s also fun to talk to American friends. American friends are so friendly. People are friendly and kind in this country. And don’t be shy to ask when you don’t know and talk a little bit louder so that everyone in the class can hear your voice. If you don’t speak loud enough, they might just not hear you! Anyway, play and enjoy!

Student H: Do what you want to do! You want to think by yourself so that you will be more confident when you go back to Japan. Your experience in America will give you a new opportunity for your future.

Student I: You don’t have to worry about communicating with American people so much. When I visited another local school and took classes with them one day, the American students tried hard to understand me. They even used Google translate to try to communicate with me. It made me happy. If we all want to understand each other’s hearts, even though we can’t understand perfect language, we can still be friends.  Just keep your mind open.

Student J: Just don’t worry about English. You will understand what they are doing and saying by watching and hearing. Don’t stay inside all the time, go outside. Some American houses have basketball hoops and you can play with them and sometimes they would invite you inside their house and you can become their friends. Reading and writing practice help, too, but talking with friendly American kids can teach you better English. They talk a lot!







“Farm Stay’22” at Mattland Farm, New York.

First time farm experience for all of them. These kids did so many things they’ve never done before.

In the morning, they took care of the pigs – cleaning, bedding, and feeding.
Then they had English lessons – agriculture in NY, carbon footprints and the environment, big and small business, cultural differences, and manners. Every afternoon, we enjoyed various activities – horseback riding, fishing, kayaking, swimming, night hike, egg hunting, fossil hunting, and target shooting.

All of the meat we had on the trip was provided by our family farm, Mattland Farm. We could all feel how important it is to treat the animals with respect, take good care of them, and definitely didn’t waste any food.

As each day passed, they took responsibility and helped each other to do the chores. They got done faster and faster and could feel what it’s like being a farmer.

The positive real-life experiences we have may enhance our abilities and play an important role in whether we all grow up to have a sense of purpose at all.
We loved to see each kid’s growth.

Thank you so much to our Mattison family for making this program happen every year🫶
We are so pleased to have such a caring and supportive family.🌟


Farm Stay 2022 in NY

This year’s FARM STAY is ON!

Our Farm Stay 2022 is 7/25 to7/31 this year. We are in final preparation.
Six ambitious participants are all excited as we are.
We can’t wait to share time on the Mattison farm!
Our regular lessons will be closed from 7/23-8/4.
Here we go!


Creative Photo Contest 2021

Presenting our student family Photo contest for 2021.

Many of our students enjoyed participating in last year’s event. The activity got students and families to look around to see more. It gave them new things to talk about and try while practicing and thinking in English outside of class. You can do it any time of day. Even when just riding in the car.

We’re looking forward to seeing even more people join this year.
We’re looking forward to seeing your creative photos.

We use the photographs to teach a number of lessons, from technology to composition to idiomatic expressions and poetry. It becomes something more than a contest.

Below are the three videos we created from some of the photos that were chosen by the students that took them.










FARM STAY2021 is ON!

Mattison Farm Stay is booked solid this year 2021.Thank you everyone for your interest.

Our preparation has begun!

We have endured the challenges of this past year including canceling last year’s Farm Stay. We can’t wait to show our students a whole new world!

“We want our students to become confident in who they are and learn to live with others. Even if we are different, we all have something great to share.

By the way, here is a new farm star at Mattison Corner Farm. This little boy was born last week. He doesn’t have a name yet. Do you have a good name for him?




上の写真はMattison Corner Farm に先週生まれた仔馬で、男の子です。



Happy Easter to You All

After skipping this fun Easter activity last year, our Easter activity felt very special this year.
Almost all our students in the US took part in the activity in person, even students from NYC.
(they regularly take online lessons )
It had been almost a year to see some of them in person! It made us so happy.

We boiled about 20 dozen eggs.
During the activity, we carried on conversational lessons about many things to bond with students. We see how our students see and think about all sorts of things, which gives us great hints to develop their English skills even further.

Thanks to all our students for joining this activity.

And let’s keep it going!




Happy Easter!


2 Great Games for English Practice at Home!

“How can I support my child at home?
Play a game together! Try it today!

These days, many English learners have fewer opportunities to speak English outside of lessons. Providing opportunities to be exposed to English is essential for developing language skills. In place of social activities these days, TV, radio, YouTube, blogs, and the news are all great resources.

We use games to motivate learners. We adapt well known games for our lessons as well as make some of our own. We play these games both online and in person. Here are a couple for your family or your own students to enjoy playing. .

1. UNO
Almost anyone can play this game. All you have to do is have a list of challenges that corresponds with the card numbers. You can find words/phrases from books that your child is reading or from a movie they’ve watched. We often make funny sayings together in the lesson.

Here are 2 lists to get you started:

2. Connect 4:
With this one, you can practice a lot more target vocab. We like to mix in new words or idioms that challenge the student and some that spark funny conversation. You can adapt it to any level or age.

How to Play
1.Build up from the bottom by placing a tile or checker in the box.
2.Use the word from the box in a sentence if possible.
3. The first player to get 4 in a row (diagonally, vertically, horizontally) wins.

A video made with one of our students showing how we use “Connect Four” in class.

Here are some examples with a blank one for you to print out to fill in on your own.

If you would like to play the original but don’t have it here’s a link to Connect 4.

The above affiliate links are here for your convenience to quickly find the products if you don’t already have them in your home or office. We do receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase through the links.



ファームステイ COVID-19感染予防対策


We know it is important to keep you updated on what we are learning and implementing as we continue to educate ourselves about COVID-19. We want you to understand and feel confident in the steps we are taking to minimize risk this summer. We will continue to communicate with you as we know it in preparation for the safe opening of Farm Stay this summer. 


Limit exposure 7-10 days prior to start of Farm Stay
PCR test approximately 4-5 days before start of Farm Stay, submit the result by email
<On-site Monitoring>

A daily health questionnaire 
Temperature taken each morning
Hand washing/ sanitizing
We will remain in contact with our Mattison registered nurse throughout the program as needed.

<Mask Wearing>
When interacting with someone outside our group and social distancing cannot be achieved, masks will be required. We will be wearing masks when physical distancing is not possible inside our lodge and during transportation.
<Cleaning & Sanitation>

To limit the spread of virus and germs, we will increase our regular cleaning, sanitizing and ventilate our lodge to mitigate risk.
<What happens if a participant tests positive while Farm Stay?>

Immediately isolate the person who tests positive until a family member comes to pick them up.
Test and screen every person in the group
Thoroughly clean and disinfect any areas of use

This protocol will be updated as needed.


2021 NY FarmStay☆ファームステイ

Dear everyone,

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. We have received questions from parents about if we are going to have Mattison Farm Stay this summer. We know this pandemic has been stressful to many and recognize that socializing and interacting with peers can be a healthy way for children to cope with stress and connect with others.

We are excited to resume Farm Stay while following CDC and NYS Health Department considerations to protect campers and Mattison staff on the farms. However, for this year, we can only accept campers residing in New York. It was a tough decision, but the health and safety of our campers and staff remain our highest priority. Thank you for your understanding.

Please check our website link for details:
Farm stay —

We will be sharing a more detailed outline of the latest recommendations and requirements as we finalize those plans.  
Thank you and stay healthy,


長らく検討してきましたが、参加者、プログラムスタッフの健康と安全を最優先し、慎重にCDCとNY Health Departmentのガイドラインに従い、今年2021はNY州在住の方を対象にファームステイを開催することに致しました。

開催に辺り、COVID19 Protocolの詳細を近日中に取り決め再度お知らせさせていただきます。























😎Cool Experiment 🧪

During this snowy season, we are staying warm and cozy and enjoying a cool science experiment with our students while we learn to describe the reactions and express feeling.


Oil とWaterにAlka Seltzer(Citric Acid とBaking Soda)の反応を楽しむ実験です。
Why don’t the oil and the water get mixed?
どうしてFood ColorはOil にとけないのにWater はとけるの?
Why doesn’t the food color melt into the oil, but melts into the water?
The color bubbles float up to the top and pop! Then they drop down to the bottom again.
Oh my….it’s so incredible!
So amazing.
あぁ、だからLava Lampっていうのね。
Oh, that why they call it “Lava Lamp”


Material ⇒plastic, glass, rubber, silver, woodが素材です。
What’s your prediction?
Will it float on the oil?
Will it float in the oil?
Will it sink in the oil?
Will it float in the water?
Will it sink in the water?

生徒さんがThe glass is more dense than the rubber.
The wood is less dense than silver.

The following recommendations are here for your convenience to quickly find the products if you don’t already have them in your home or office. We do receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase through these links. Enjoy.

Oil, Food Coloring, Alka-Seltzer

















ニューヨーク近郊の学校は昨年のコロナが始まった頃からオンライン授業を取り入れているため、多くの学生や父兄がオンラインに慣れてきていると言う現実とstay homeで家に居る時間が多くなり家からでも習える事に前向きに取り組んでいる方が増えてきているとも感じています。そして何よりも上達した英語力を維持し更なる飛躍を目指す人が多くなっているからでしょう。これからの未来がオンラインを通してより更にグローバル化すると考える方が増えている証かもしれません。




Mini Felt Christmas Trees

Our Christmas activity this year is making “Mini Felt Christmas Trees”.
Although some kids could not join this fun & creative activity, we are sharing precious moments talking about various topics in a welcoming and at-home atmosphere.

From kindergarteners all the way up to college students, trying to keep conversations while they keep moving hands and thinking about which sequins to use next is a challenge.
This kind of activity simulates our everyday real life environments such as keeping conversation with someone while you are eating, walking to the cafeteria and working on a project. We want to provide fun activities as we keep focused building each student’s English communication skills no matter their age. We can find their interests because we truly care and focus on them.

We are happy to finally have an activity like this again since COVID19 started. While the COVID19 positive cases are surging here in Westchester, NY, we want to continue to follow the guidelines and keep all safe and healthy.


Holiday Activity 2020

In-Person lesson Holiday Activity

As we approach this holiday season, we decided to do “Holiday Activity” for those who attend in-person lessons.

Many schools in the US have started all remote learning recently. It took us a long time to decide whether we should do this kind of activity or not.
However, we believe our one-to-one teaching environment is safe enough as long as we follow the state guidelines.

As much as we are sorry for those who are quarantined at this moment, we hope to bring cheer and smiles to as many students as possible.

Please provide your child a well fitting mask while he/she attend our in-person lessons to protect others and us.


Happy Thanksgiving 2020

We, at Mattison English, would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to each of you this Thanksgiving.

This year has been full of even more challenges due to the pandemic. We all have been able to work together to grow and expand your students’ English abilities and awareness.
Thank you for your cooperation and resilience with the changing guidelines. With effort, we can get through this if we continue to care for and communicate with each other.
We’ll keep doing our best to create a strong connection with our students, so they can find their place in the world of English. That bond is important for their confidence and interest and makes for productive lessons whether online or in person.
We feel blessed and lucky for our health, family and friends.
Our hearts go out to all of those who are suffering from sickness and hunger this year. 
Please take care of yourself and each other.

Creative Photo Challenge Videos

We believe, when people enjoy doing something, they will naturally become curious, more motivated, and get better at it.

Watch the Student Made Videos
Video 1
–> <–
Video 2

We are using the photos from our “Photo Challenge” in our lessons. Students are creating videos out of the pictures in which they can be descriptive and creative with their English by writing captions and in some cases even poems.
この夏に行ったアクティビティ”Photo Challenge”の写真を日々のレッスン内で活用をしています。ハンズオンアクティビティとし、生徒さんと一緒にビデオを作製をし、叙景的でクリエイティブな英語表現、また詩のようなキャプションを完成させる生徒さんもいます。

Each photo is displayed only for 10 seconds, so it is a challenge to read each caption within that amount of time. Try it and then try it again. Let’s see if you become faster at reading.


Creative Photo Challenge

During this summer, we had a *remote* activity which every one could participate in from anywhere in the world. The rule was very simple. We gave a list of things to take pictures of. Just like scavenger hunting, but with taking pictures of objects.
For example we had these in the list;
*A picture of a food of you cooked
*A picture of you frozen in the air
*A police officer waving
*Something that looks like it has a face

Thank you for submitting so many photographs for the challenge! We are amazed at the creativity of everyone. Over 500 pictures were submitted from many students.
We have reviewed the entries and decided on who will be getting awards for their participation! Some pics are at the bottom of this blog.
Students will be notified during their lessons about the results. 
皆さん, Photo Challengeへの沢山の応募をありがとうございました。今回は500枚以上の写真がエントリーされました。参加者の創造力のすばらしさに驚いています。すべての写真に目を通し、Award受賞者を決定しました。このブログ下にいくつか写真を載せます。結果は参加者にそれぞれレッスン中にお知らせします。

The photo challenge is an event that serves a purpose in our students’ development of their English skills.By taking the photos, learners have hands-on experiences they can learn about their surroundings and their communities.Together, we can develop vocabulary, grammar, and conversation skills by describing, commenting on, and talking about everyone’s pictures.As many of those who have experienced living in foreign countries before are experts in communicating in English, this kind of activity provides an emotional attachment which should lead to better memorization of any new language that comes up, so they are prepared to instantly utilize those skills whenever needed. 

このPhoto Challengeは、アクティビティを通して参加者の英語能力の発達を目指す目的で行われました。自身で又は家族と一緒にHand-on Experience; 実践的な体験に取り組むことにより、身近にある物や地域に目を向け学びながら、自分で撮った写真を説明する表現法、他者の写真にコメントする表現法を学びます。実践的で生きた英単語、英文法、そして重要なコミュニケーション能力をアクティビティを通して伸ばしていく事ができます。海外生活経験者に英語万能者が多いのも、言語の習得は、自身の経験に基づく感情表現や単語は習得、記憶し易く、何時でもとっさに対応できる力になり得るからです。

Mattison English used to hold annual Speaking Contests and Writing Contests. However, under the COVID19 circumstance, we were seeking an event that both student and family members can join while improving their English skills.  We are so grateful that so many students participated in Japan and the US.  We hope this has been an enjoyable experience for you and your family.Thanks again. 

マティソンでは長年<Speaking Contest><Writing Contest>を行っていましたが、この度コロナ禍に至り,このような状況下でも参加者やご家族がより遊び心を交えて参加できる、英語飛躍につながるアクティビティを検討していました。予想以上に日米間よりお子さんから大人までの参加者が募り嬉しく思っています。これからも色んな方面から皆さんの英語習得へのサポートを続けて参ります。


Back to School 2020

Here comes the sun! As you begin a new school year, we hope you build new trails and seek new horizons.

NY is ready for students to start a brand new school year. Every student is excited yet anxious to see what is about happen. The schools have their own unique learning styles to keep their learners safe and provide the education they need.

We, Mattison English stand by our students and support whatever challenges they may have to face this time of the year.

Stay curious, surround yourself with wisdom…..and let’s accept a new culture and language! No matter what, it’s going to be a great year. Let’s hop on the boat and start the journey!


Let’s get ready!

After 2 weeks off due to cancelling our summer program, “Mattison Farm Stay”, we are ready to get back to work fully charged!

During our 2 weeks off, we got a lot done and were able to relax some. It was a great time to think about our students and how we want to provide the best way to improve their English skills from kindergartners to college students as well as business clients.

We appreciate our students’ trust and hard work even through this pandemic. As NY opens up, we will continue to welcome students as well as newcomers in a clean sanitized environment and online.

See you all soon.


During COVID-19

We hope everyone is well and staying safe during these hard times.

Mattison English has been conducting our lessons online. Of course we would prefer to have everyone come over to our house for classes but we all have to work through this together.

At this time, our students have fewer chances to be exposed to live English since everything is shut down. We are glad to offer the opportunity for them all to have the chance to speak to a live person albeit online. It is important for them to keep their conversation skills oiled and ready for action so when they do go back to school or back into public they won’t be so rusty.

Something we noticed during online lessons:
Students that are used to coming to our lessons feel safe and confident being with us . They are more themselves when they can have privacy when they talk to us online. They can completely focus and be more involved in the lesson if they are not distracted by other people in the room. They need to take chances when they speak English and can depend on us to correct them when it is important or ask us questions.

What can you do?
As well as talking with us, students and their families could make times when they speak English to each other by playing games, cooking together, looking at art online or just chatting.
これは通学・オンラインに関わらずいえる事ですが、ご家庭内で「English time」と家族みんなが英語を話す時間を短時間作ってみたりするもの変化があってお勧めです。英会話をしながらボードゲームや料理をしたりするのはいかがでしょう。またEnglish版のオンラインゲームや洋画、洋楽、youtubeなども効率的に用いるのも良いでしょう。

We are all in this together and get through this together.


…☆募集開始・Open registration☆ …NY Farm Stay… ファームステイ2020

Announcing open registration for
New York Farm Stay 2020.

『英語スキルアップ, 地球環境への意識、農からのぞく経営のしくみ、農からの食育』では、現代社会の中での大切な知識と、未来を予想し選択する判断力を楽しく身に付けることを目標にしています。



This farm stay provides many mind opening experiences that give a deeper grass roots understanding of the world around us.
People from elementary school through college can develop strong English and problem solving skills by being part of real working American farms.
The many different people they meet help them to understand the connection between environmental issues, economics, social awareness, food culture and their own futures.

“Improve English skills, Environmental awareness, Observe economic system from an agricultural viewpoint, Food education”

Please send us an email for more information.

1860年代から4世代に渡りNY北、オンタリオ湖ふもとで家族酪農を運営し現在に至ります。1200エーカー(約4.8平方km)に及ぶ壮大な敷地を利用しNY在住の英語講師、マティソン夫婦が13年間「英語、農業、文化、環境」のコラボレーションを実現しファームステイを提供しています。牧場には放牧している牛Grass-Fed-Beef(牧草飼育牛肉)を始め牛舎には豚、馬、Cage Freeの鶏(放し飼い)がいます。敷地内にはビーバーが住む池や大昔の化石採集ができる丘もあります。150年以上の歴史を持つ古き良きアメリカ家族、ファミリー牧場でのファームステイはプログラムに関わる人々が皆親戚、友人と、とてもアットホームな雰囲気で参加者を家族の様に受け入れます。





=Happy New Year 2020=
We see ourselves reflecting on the past years and those who have helped to shape Mattison English. The year 2019 was quite a year for us!
It is in this spirit that we say thank you and we hope that 2020 will be just as memorable for you and your loved ones.
We look forward to seeing and supporting you for years to come.


ーChris and Mio Mattison-


Happy Holidays everyone!

What a year we had!
Again, we’ve come to the end of the year. Meeting so many new people brought us so much joy and inspiration to do our best.

Living in NY is so dramatic each day since we live in a place where we encounter people with such diverse needs and goals.

We accept the challenge and appreciate the opportunity to meet each individual student’s demands to help fulfill their lives all over the world.

A little note, we’ve started to accept FARM STAY 2020 applications.
And we are closed 12/22-1/5.

We wish everyone wonderful holidays with loved ones.

Love, Chris & Mio