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About us

About us

Mattison English was founded in 2000 by Chris and Mio Mattison in Nagoya, Japan after they moved to Japan from upstate New York with their two young sons. Chris and Mio taught English communication skills by involving various hands-on and outdoor activities as well as test preparation, business conversation, and translation services. Their hands-on approach has led to deeper more meaningful learning that keeps their students engaged, motivated, and interested.

In 2013, Mattison English relocated to Harrison, New York where they continue supporting students who are eager to learn.

Since 2006 they’ve been running the Mattison Summer Farm Stay program where they teach concentrated English communication skills, economics, environmental issues, and culture for attendees to get a clear view of the future.

Chris and Mio have been putting their unique backgrounds to full use for 20+ years; Chris with his upbringing on a NYS dairy farm, art and photography education, and holding TEFL certification. Mio with her upbringing in Japan, was employed at major airlines in the US and Japan, as an interpreter and translator at universities in Japan, carrying a certification in technical writing.

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