Using AI in Lessons for English As a New Language/ ENL学習者のための英語レッスンでAIを活用する
Using AI in Lessons for English As a New Language/ ENL学習者のための英語レッスンでAIを活用する

Using AI in Lessons for English As a New Language/ ENL学習者のための英語レッスンでAIを活用する

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AI is changing the world faster than ever right now in Education and all other aspects of life. Do you use AI? Would you like to take advantage of the benefits of AI in language learning or teaching?

We find that it can be a great tool for language acquisition and output. In this and in following posts, I want to describe how we’ve been using it in our classes, show you some of the creative work, how we personalize learning, and how you can use it too.

Bing Image Creator is one of many new AI apps. It lets us type in an idea for an image and create it with the push of a button. Students can submit and edit prompts to change how it looks or to add or take away details. This helps with having a visual representation of the language they use. Also, it leads to discussion about what is the most effective way to get the image they imagine. We save the best image when we are satisfied.

We then upload the image to Canva, a design website, to create a design with text (Canva also has its own image generator). This is also where students can have creative output and talk about design elements such as fonts and the wording itself. When students can’t think of something they want to say, we research idioms and sayings that will best fit the image using another AI program, Chat GPT (which has many other uses we’ll talk about in other posts.

We put it on a T-shirt or other product in Printify where it is available for anyone to order. Students want to give these shirts to friends and family as gifts or wear them themselves. Doing so boosts their confidence level and gives them something to talk about with others when someone says, “Cool T-shirt! Where did you get it?”

Please visit the Mattison English online shop to see everyone’s work and support our endeavor of engaging our students in real-world activities. We’ve seen firsthand how these activities connect with their learning and even opinion output which is so important for interviews, essays, and proficiency tests.




Bing Image Creatorは多くの新しいAIアプリの1つです。イメージのアイデアを入力し、ボタンを押すだけで自動的に作成できます。学生は外観を変更したり、詳細を追加したり削除したりするためのプロンプトを入力できます。これにより、使用する言語の視覚的な表現が可能になります。また、学生が想像するイメージを最も効果的に得る方法についての議論につながります。私たちは満足したときに最良のイメージを保存します。

その後、イメージをデザインウェブサイトであるCanvaにアップロードし、テキストを含むデザインを作成します(Canvaには独自のイメージ生成ツールもあります)。これも学生が創造的な表現をし、フォントやワーディングなどのデザイン要素について話す場所です。学生が言いたいことを思いつかない場合、別のAIプログラムであるChat GPT(他の用途についても今後の投稿で話します)を使用して、イメージに最適な慣用句や言い回しを研究します。


Mattison Englishのオンラインショップを訪れて、皆さんの作品を是非ともご覧ください!私たちの生徒を実世界の活動に参加させる取り組みをサポートになります。英語を教えてきた長年の経験で学習や面接、エッセイ、そして試験などに非常に重要な(意見のアウトプット)にこれらの活動が関連していることを実際に感じています。

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