“Farm Stay’22” at Mattland Farm, New York.

First time farm experience for all of them. These kids did so many things they’ve never done before.

In the morning, they took care of the pigs – cleaning, bedding, and feeding.
Then they had English lessons – agriculture in NY, carbon footprints and the environment, big and small business, cultural differences, and manners. Every afternoon, we enjoyed various activities – horseback riding, fishing, kayaking, swimming, night hike, egg hunting, fossil hunting, and target shooting.

All of the meat we had on the trip was provided by our family farm, Mattland Farm. We could all feel how important it is to treat the animals with respect, take good care of them, and definitely didn’t waste any food.

As each day passed, they took responsibility and helped each other to do the chores. They got done faster and faster and could feel what it’s like being a farmer.

The positive real-life experiences we have may enhance our abilities and play an important role in whether we all grow up to have a sense of purpose at all.
We loved to see each kid’s growth.

Thank you so much to our Mattison family for making this program happen every year🫶
We are so pleased to have such a caring and supportive family.🌟

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