Creative Photo Challenge
Creative Photo Challenge

Creative Photo Challenge

During this summer, we had a *remote* activity which every one could participate in from anywhere in the world. The rule was very simple. We gave a list of things to take pictures of. Just like scavenger hunting, but with taking pictures of objects.
For example we had these in the list;
*A picture of a food of you cooked
*A picture of you frozen in the air
*A police officer waving
*Something that looks like it has a face

Thank you for submitting so many photographs for the challenge! We are amazed at the creativity of everyone. Over 500 pictures were submitted from many students.
We have reviewed the entries and decided on who will be getting awards for their participation! Some pics are at the bottom of this blog.
Students will be notified during their lessons about the results. 
皆さん, Photo Challengeへの沢山の応募をありがとうございました。今回は500枚以上の写真がエントリーされました。参加者の創造力のすばらしさに驚いています。すべての写真に目を通し、Award受賞者を決定しました。このブログ下にいくつか写真を載せます。結果は参加者にそれぞれレッスン中にお知らせします。

The photo challenge is an event that serves a purpose in our students’ development of their English skills.By taking the photos, learners have hands-on experiences they can learn about their surroundings and their communities.Together, we can develop vocabulary, grammar, and conversation skills by describing, commenting on, and talking about everyone’s pictures.As many of those who have experienced living in foreign countries before are experts in communicating in English, this kind of activity provides an emotional attachment which should lead to better memorization of any new language that comes up, so they are prepared to instantly utilize those skills whenever needed. 

このPhoto Challengeは、アクティビティを通して参加者の英語能力の発達を目指す目的で行われました。自身で又は家族と一緒にHand-on Experience; 実践的な体験に取り組むことにより、身近にある物や地域に目を向け学びながら、自分で撮った写真を説明する表現法、他者の写真にコメントする表現法を学びます。実践的で生きた英単語、英文法、そして重要なコミュニケーション能力をアクティビティを通して伸ばしていく事ができます。海外生活経験者に英語万能者が多いのも、言語の習得は、自身の経験に基づく感情表現や単語は習得、記憶し易く、何時でもとっさに対応できる力になり得るからです。

Mattison English used to hold annual Speaking Contests and Writing Contests. However, under the COVID19 circumstance, we were seeking an event that both student and family members can join while improving their English skills.  We are so grateful that so many students participated in Japan and the US.  We hope this has been an enjoyable experience for you and your family.Thanks again. 

マティソンでは長年<Speaking Contest><Writing Contest>を行っていましたが、この度コロナ禍に至り,このような状況下でも参加者やご家族がより遊び心を交えて参加できる、英語飛躍につながるアクティビティを検討していました。予想以上に日米間よりお子さんから大人までの参加者が募り嬉しく思っています。これからも色んな方面から皆さんの英語習得へのサポートを続けて参ります。

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