Water Rocket Science
Water Rocket Science

Water Rocket Science

今回はBaking SodaとVinegarを使ったロケットサイエンスに挑戦です。

TPR(Total Physical response) ;英語を耳で聞き、手を動かし作業を進める。わからない時は質問。羽の付ける位置やデザインなど皆説明を聞き逃さないように真剣に取り組んでいました。

このロケットはBaking SodaとVinegarが反応しCO2が発生しその気体の圧力で勢いよくロケットが発射します。講師の説明をしっかり聞き、危険のないように注意を払いいざ発射!


Look at their smiles!
It’s hard not to be excited about launching rockets into the air.
This activity was a success. Everyone built their own rocket from scratch and each of them left the launch pad and flew high up into the air! Each of the participants were so into building their rocket they lost track of time.

We studied about the 2 processes used in launching the rockets. The chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar took a bit longer than using the air pump but it was great to hear the screams of surprise when the rocket blasted off.

These TPR activities are perfect for getting everyone involved, speaking and learning new vocabulary and natural expressions!

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