Month: <span>January 2019</span>
Month: January 2019

牧場FARM-#2 Mattison Corner Farm

<FARM #2-Mattison Corner Farm>
今日紹介するのはファームステイで訪れる2つ目の牧場Mattison Corner Farmです。ここは主催者Chrisの実家で家族Richard&Barbの牧場です。

その傍らニワトリが産んだ卵をアチコチ探し見つけたら持ち帰り翌日の朝食でいただきます。まるで宝探しゲームの様。でも一生懸命卵を温めている母ニワトリを目の当たりにして「I wanna warm this egg!」と言い始める子供たち。


Mattison Corner Farmのfacebookサイトはこちらです: Mattison Corner Farm


牧場-#1 Mattland Farm

この夏マティソンイングリッシュが開催するファームステイでは4つの牧場を見て体験します。今回はこちらMattland Farmのご紹介です。

Mattland Farmは150年の歴史を持つマティソン親族が運営する牧場です。
牧場の規模としては小さく150年を感じる牧場です。牧場主は元気いっぱいのMarkさん。Chris(Mattison English代表)のいとこになります。家畜は主に豚と牛。プログラム開催中はこちらの牧場で1週間お世話になります。


Mattland Farmのfacebookページはこちらから:


Exam Season

January… is a tough month right after holidays for students who are about to take exams regardless of whether they are in the US or Japan.

Entrance Exams from private middle schools to universities, Eiken tests or NY local school’s Midterm exam&SAT test…
We hear their scream, fear and some confidence. We take it seriously and get anxious as well.
But we believe their efforts that they put into for a long time for their tests will pay off. Hope to see their big smiles with great results.
We will continue to work with them and support anyway we can.
You…WE are almost there!!


New Year2019

Dear friends, 
☆Happy New Year2019☆

We want to wish everyone a blessed and peaceful New Year.We entered 2019 with a stronger commitment to teaching English and our summer farmstay program.

We feel that people are more and more serious about learning English every year and that communicating with others is the key to peace and understanding in the world.

We want to continue to be involved in the process of those who put their strong efforts into becoming great communicators. 

We thank everyone for their support of Mattison English for 19 years and look forward to seeing everyone in this new year.

Chris and Mio 
Mattison English

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