On the 1st day of April, we had our first orientation for “Mattison FARM STAY 2017!”
The five students we chose from the many that applied came with their excitement.
For the first time for them to meet each other, we had an ice breaker game “Get to Know Each Other” and went over the details of the program.
The kids went home with smiles on their faces and an envelope of documents to sign.

We were very pleased to hear from many people and families who are interested in our “Farm Stay 2017” . And regret that we can’t take all of them with us this summer.
Hopefully this program will grow in the future.
We’ll continue planning to make this program super exciting and update for all to see!

殆どが初対面のこの日はお互いを知るための”Get to Know Each Other”というゲームをしたり、ファームステイアクティビティ内容などを話合いました。


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