~The Meaning of Life and Food ☆ 命をいただくこと~

How often do you think about sacrificing animals & plants when you eat?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
well…in my case, not so often….until we had these tasty meats from our family’s farm.

Regardless of what other animals do,”Humans kill other animals for food.”
I usually don’t think about this when I go regular grocery shopping.
But eating fresh beef from the farm made me feel that we just took their precious lives, just so we can eat.

We eat meats and plants, we do as we must in order to survive.
Some people may think this is just the cycle of life so get over it!
But by seeing cows in the pasture happily walking around, and eating tasty beef on my plate right from the pasture…. I must honor animals by showing respect and gratitude for their “sacrifice.”
I don’t want to waste food on my plate.
I am so glad that my family can feel this way, and we have our family who runs farm in upstate NY.

We hope we can share the meaning of life and food in our future program <Farm Stay+ESL Program> someday.




将来実行したいマティソンイングリッシュの<Farm Stay+ESL Program>でこういった大切なことも伝えていけたらいいですね。