Homestay NY finalle# ホームステイ 最終
Homestay NY finalle# ホームステイ 最終

Homestay NY finalle# ホームステイ 最終

A week is s11813327_1042967759054792_3799869204179998879_nuch a short time. Today was the day he flew back to Japan.
We had so much fun trying to show what it’s like to live here in NY to our friend = student that came here last Sunday.
We made some great memories, but most of all hope we were able to help him understand that life is what you make of it no matter where you are. 11755887_1042967805721454_3485059724789721718_n
There is beauty,excitement, and joy everywhere you go.
He or any of our students ar11800439_1042967739054794_9200469792177280833_ne always welcome to visit us here in Harrison, NY.
Farewell our friend until we see you next time!