Homestay! A student to our house in NY! ホームステイ!講師宅での英会話挑戦?

Yes, kids are out of school in the US and Japan.
For this year, we are inviting our dear friend’s son from Japan for 1 week!


Departure from Nagoya and arriving to JFK on 7/19/15.111246

This student has been our friend since he was 3rd? 4th?grade, and now he is in 9th grade. He’s been learning English from us since he was elementary school and currently he is taking online lessons from us.

We were soooo excited for this to happen, we bought a sofa futon on line for him to sleep on which we haven’t received yet….lol
We are keeping our fingers crossed.  But with or without, we know we are gonna have a great time with him.
ここまで迫れば後は祈るだけです(*_*) でも、ソファベットが届いたにせよ、彼の到着に間に合わなかったにせよ、彼との再会は楽しみで仕方ありません。

We’ll update his about his experiences here!