House Rules 家の決まり-15才~編
House Rules 家の決まり-15才~編

House Rules 家の決まり-15才~編

House rules for our 18 & 15 yrs Sons

  1. If you will not be home for dinner, we need to know by 5PM
  2.  If you would like to have guests for dinner please check with us by noon
  3.  Please be home by 11pm, but if you’ll be later than 9pm, let us know where you are & with who
  4.  If you plan to stay over at friend’s house please let us know by 9pm
  5.  No guests of the opposite sex allowed in your bedroom when we are not home
  6.  If you would like to have a friend spend the night, please check with us a day before
  7.  No guests allowed over after we have gone to bed
  8.  Guests must leave the house by 11PM
  9. If you make a mess….please clean it up. Kitchen—Bathroom–Living areas
  10. Do not leave your things and/or trash lying around
  11. Bedroom should be cleaned thoroughly once a week, this includes, washing bedding, vacuuming and dusting
  12. Since you are working part time
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    Our kids when they were elementary school age…. Good old days~.

    … will be responsible for paying some expenses:

Cell phone $0/mon (for now), Car insurance $100/mon, Gas $15/mon
13. Your personal products are our responsibility while you are in high school (^.^).

Dealing with teenagers is a bit tricky…..
We wrote down what we think is important for them to become responsible and things to run smoothly in the house.
I think many parents who have teenagers in the house will agree. We do this to our kids with 100% love and respect.
What do you think?