June is the end of the school year in the US.
One of our Japanese students who was attending US high school as an exchange student graduated last week in Syracuse, NY.
This is an interesting program, anyone who attends US high school as an exchange student must always go into the senior class, because this program is about education and culture exchange, which means US schools want their exchange students to learn US culture for example, prom date along with their educational progress.

Our student was a sophomore in Japan when she started in the US school. Do you know how challenging that is? Being an ESL student and learning as a senior….I bet it wasn’t easy at all.
Well…after 10mos of struggling senior year, she successfully graduated! She even went to a wonderful prom night. Enjoyed culture and senior education in Syracuse, NY.

We watched her progress from a distance.
Congratulations to Fumina!
We are so proud of her. It will surely be her lifetime memory…
Good luck!

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